I obtained my Integrated Master’s degree (MChem) in Chemistry from the University of Manchester in 2018. During my final year, I undertook my research project in the Chilton Group, developing a new method of extracting the crystal field Hamiltonian from a CASSCF calculation.

From September 2018 to March 2022 I studied for a PhD in Chemistry in the Chilton Group. My research investigated the role of spin-phonon coupling in the electronic and magnetic properties of lanthanide single molecule magnets and qubits.

In March 2022 I began a one-year post-doc position in the Chilton Group, continuing my work on spin-phonon coupling and extending it to include the environmental degrees of freedom (crystals, surfaces, etc.).

Contact me at jon.kragskow@manchester.ac.uk

Follow me on twitter @kragskow

Download my CV

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